Intravital 2P nanoscope

A new high-performance instrument, a nanoscope optimized for intravital imaging, has been installed in the Center for Biostructural Imaging of Neurodegeneration (BIN) since 2018. This unique instrument – built up by company Abberior – is the result of the collaboration between the Institute for Neuroimmunology & Multiple Sclerosis Research and the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (A. Flügel and S. Jakobs, respectively). It combines in one instrument two super-resolution imaging techniques (i.e. STED and RESOLFT) with two-photon microscopy.

The nanoscope should enable imaging the movements of cells and organelles in living tissue from micrometer to nanometer level. This microscope is a prototype and therefore we are currently establishing tools and protocols that will allow the instrument to be used by BIN members and scientists of the Göttingen research community.

The intravital nanoscope was funded by a joint large-scale equipment grant from the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) and the German Research Council (DFG).

2P Nanoskop
Intravital 2P nanoscope - Abberior