BIN Research Groups

The BIN’s research program can be enhanced by up to four additional groups that can have rooms in the BIN for a limited period. The selection of the groups is based on their submitted five-year project plan and an open evaluation by the BIN’s scientific advisory board. After the initial five year stay in the BIN, this time can be extended by another five years, assuming a positive evaluation. These changing groups are to support the research program in the following areas:

  • Computer simulation of molecular interactions and/or computer aided analysis of neurodegenerative phenotypes;
  • Imaging of neurodegeneration in vivo using animal models, ideally the imaging of deep-lying brain structures that are often the most important in the pathology of neurodegeneration;
  • Translating the results of imaging studies into medical diagnostics and human pathology.

The following groups made it through the selection process for the first five years:

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